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Need some help with key facts and essential information about the WRC?

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Need some help with key facts and essential information about the WRC?

The FIA World Rally Championship Factbook 2020 is the place to go and it is now available to view or download from the WRC’s official website.

The 84-page full-colour document is packed with bite-size data and sporting details about the championship.

It’s the invaluable reference book to provide fans with indispensable information for the 2020 season, as well as recalling the highlights of 2019’s exciting campaign.

It features full-page profiles of every rally, spotlights the championship’s manufacturer entrants and provides biographies of the leading drivers in the headline WRC category and the new WRC 2 support series.

Championship standings from 2019 and some great photography from the WRC’s stunning locations are also included.

For those involved in the business side of the WRC, the Factbook provides easy-to-find answers to the questions that clients or partners might have.

Sections highlighting WRC TV, the series’ digital platforms, the highly successful WRC+ All Live streaming service, fan demographics and the championship’s partners and suppliers are supplemented by essential facts and figures.

The Factbook is published by WRC Promoter and can be viewed online and downloaded in PDF format here. ผลบอลสดแม่นยำ

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